Collective Home Ownership
New Protocols for Architecture

The project Collective Home Ownership: New Protocols for Architecture, proposes a systematic analysis and spatial study into the possibilities of current institutional documents that give shape to cooperative housing projects. The aim of the project is to challenge the home as a standard, by investigating the systems and instruments that give shape to the standardisation of cooperatives on different scale levels.

The implementation of cooperative organisations as a urban planning strategy to provide affordable housing forms a complex project that gives shape to: on the one hand, standardisation (programme of requirements, lot description, zoning laws), on the other hand, self-organisation (societal capital, performance agreements with the municipality, social initiatives, care organisations, stakeholders, social process management). This leads to new architectural design question about the organisation of the home in terms of collective home ownership, and demands new protocols for architecture focussed on shared and temporary use, cluster living and district integration.

Research proposal
01.10.2019 - Currently in development
Actieplan Wooncoöperaties Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands