Home Atlas
Feminist Perspectives on Post-war Housing 

The research project, exhibition and publication Home Atlas: Feminist Perspectives on Post-war Housing provides an insight into the history of post-war housing policies, and illustrates the influence of feminist design ideas, projects and writings on housing practice during the seventies and eighties. The project forms a critique on housing programmes focussed on single-family life, and identifies key concepts that today still influence the design of the dwelling, such as the public-private divide, gender identity and sexual citizenship. In addition, the book proposes feminist design principles as a guideline to differentiate, transform and rethink post-war architecture. The publication and exhibition is the result of a two year research funded by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Exhibition publication (Arcam Amsterdam, June 2023)
Funded research & design project 10.2021-06.2023
Creative Industries Fund NL / Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industry (link to website)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands