Pavilion Belgian Monument
Ante-Room for Forgotten Stories

The project proposes an ante-room in front of the existing Belgian monument in Amersfoort. In response to the current refugee crisis the municipality of Amersfoort has organised an open competition for the design of a pavilion in addition to the monument. The project proposes a new entrance to the site that forms a temporary stay.

The entrance room is a place for forgotten stories, arming visitors with thoughts, stories and images of the history of Belgian and contemporary refugees. Due to its central position on the square the pavilion provides new perspectives on the monument resulting in a moment of curiosity. While forming an ensemble with the two other monuments, the entrance room creates an inner and outer world in which the visitor can move. The materialization of the room enforces a reflection of the green surrounding providing a variety of perspectives.

Design competition
Entrance pavilion for Belgian monument Fasade Amersfoort
Collaboration: R. Verheij & G. Bottema
Amsterdam, The Netherlands